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Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners for Indian Homes 2022

Reviews of the Best automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Indian Homes

If you like the idea of getting the cleaning done in your home easily with the unnecessary burden of regular sweeping, what you need is a robotic vacuum cleaner in your home.

With robotic vacuum cleaners and mop, you will be waving farewell to maids! It will help you save a lot of money you would have paid has salary throughout the year.

Plus, with COVID-19 still out there, your family will be safer having these robotic vacuum cleaners at home instead of maids.

With several models using various technologies like cameras or laser to maneuver and navigate, you can be sure that every corner of your home will be neat.

But with several robotic vacuums online and in local outlets, we are committed to giving your home the best.

So, we’ve provided an in-depth review of the best robotic vacuum cleaners that are highly-vetted for their unique design, features, and affordability.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and Mops [Top Models Reviewed]

1. 360 C50 Robot Vacuum and Mop, 2600 Pa, Scheduled, Edge, Spot, Deep Cleaning Works with Alexa

If you want an affordable vacuum cleaner for your house, I think you’ve found one in this robotic vacuum cleaner.

Its affordable price does not push back on its unique appearance and design, featuring a small body designed with two side sweeper alongside a roller brush.

One would think that due to its small size, it doesn’t hold much dirt. But that is not the case with the 360 C50 robotic vacuums because it comes with a relatively big dustbin that holds 520ml of dirt.

It can also serve as a floor mop. All you have to do is remove the dustbin and replace it with 300ml of water. The vacuum will detect the water tank and automatically switches to mopping mode.

[amazon box=”B08BRTD219″]

What’s more? You can control the 360 C50 robotic vacuum hands-free, thanks to its IR remote that make your cleaning more convenient.

You press “start” on the remote, sit back on your couch, and let this vacuum do the cleaning. The perfect wet and dry automatic vacuum cleaner for homes in India.

360 C50 Specs

  • Features 520ml dustbin size
  • IR remote for hands-free cleaning
  • Gyroscope technology
  • Feature a cleaning and mobbing mode
  • Slim body design

[amazon fields=”B08BRTD219″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

2. Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping, with 3000Pa Strong Suction Power, 5200mAH Long Lasting Battery, AI Powered Home Surveillance, Video Recording, Mobile App Control, Alexa-Enabled

The Trifo Max is a very efficient robot vacuum cleaner if you have a large home. It features a reliable 5200mah battery life that can clean several rooms in your home in no time.

It is designed with 3,000 PA suction power that makes it relatively easier to clean hard floors and carpets around your home.

Unlike most models that usually feature only remotes, the Trifo Max offers more, being that it’s a model powered with Alexa. With its Alexa functions, you can give voice commands to this automatic vacuum cleaner, making cleaning even more convenient.

Aside from Alexa, Trifo Max also comes with remote control, which is provided via its mobile app compatible with android and IOS devices.

[amazon box=”B07ZP31JWL”]

Well, if you don’t have a camera in your home, then you’re in luck because this robotic vacuum features a built-in security camera.

So, with the Trifo Max robot vacuum cleaner, your home will always be clean and secured. That’s a two-in-one coming at an affordable price.

Trifo Max Specs

  • Alexa enabled
  • 5200mah battery life
  • 6l dirt capacity
  • Built-in security camera
  • Intuitive remote control


[amazon fields=”B07ZP31JWL” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

3. Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner Robotic Smart APP Control Max Mode Suction Power 3-Stage Cleaning System Compatible Alexa with 1 Year Local Warranty

Ecovac Deebot 500 is a hand-vetted model for performance when it comes to keeping your home clean.

Unlike some models that make lots of noise while in operation, the Deebot 500 is designed with a low-noise level.

You won’t need a maid to clean every corner of your home because this vacuum cleaner is designed with three selective cleaning modes.

It features an “Auto” mode for general cleaning, “Edge” mode when you want to clean specific edges, and “Spot” mode when you want to concentrate on a specific spot on the floor of your home.

[amazon box=”B07VHL72XM”]

Deebot 500 is designed with an anti-collision smart system that prevents the robot from bumping into your furniture when cleaning.

It’s a smart automatic robot vacuum cleaner that supports Alexa and Google Home. Alexa offers a hand-free experience through voice commands to the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Ecovac Deebot 500 Specs

  • Features 3 selective modes
  • Alexa and Google Home enabled
  • Anti-collision system
  • Minimal noise level
  • WiFi connectivity options

[amazon fields=”B07VHL72XM” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

4. GOOVI Robot Vacuum, 1600PA Robotic Cleaner with Self-Charging, 360° Smart Sensor Protection, Multiple Cleaning Modes, Best for Pet Hairs, Hard Floor and Medium Carpet

With a reliable 600Pa suction power, the vacuum has no problem picking up larger debris off hard floors, rugs, and carpets.

This model won’t fall from the stairs or bumping on the furniture often, thanks to its drop sensor smart technology. It comes with an ultra-high battery capacity that can last for 120 minutes.

Another cut edge advantage of the GOOVI robot vacuum is that it automatically returns to the charging base when it’s on very low power.

[amazon box=”B07R1SZP62″]

Its 2.83″ size provides unbeatable cleaning that allows the vacuum to glide through sofas, underneath beds, and furniture easily.

It offers versatility, being that it’s a model that comes with multiple cleaning modes to suit users’ needs.

For general cleaning of your home, all you have to do is hit the “Cleaning Mode,” which is engineered to clean almost all floors.

The GOOVI robot vacuum comes in a pack, where you’ll get four side brushes, one cleaning brush, filter, charging dock, adapter, and remote control.

GOOVI Robot Vacuum Specs

  • 1600 Pa power
  • Designed with drop-sensor technology
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Perfectly built large wheels
  • 83” low profile size

5. 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wet Mopping Function APP Control,

The 360 S6 vacuum cleaners bring a 2-in-1 solution to homes, thanks to its 400ml dust box and150ml water tank capacity.

The vacuum cleaner can sweep and mop the floor at the time, which is rare in most models. It has an efficient 1800Pa suction power to clean dirt and pet hairs in your home.

You won’t have to worry about incomplete tasks because the robot is built with a 3200mAh battery capacity.

One of the 360 S6 robot vacuum’s unique features is that it features LIDAR mapping technology, allowing it to remember your floor layouts without issues.

[amazon box=”B07J3YZSQG”]

Another edge advantage in this model is its 360 Smartapp, downloadable on Apple Store or Google Play.

With its app, you’re opened to a hand-free experience, and you can also set restricted areas in your home where you don’t want the robot to wander. You have complete control.

360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Specs

  • Lidar mapping technology
  • 1800Pa suction power
  • Simultaneous cleaning and mopping
  • 3200mah battery capacity
  • Minimal noise level at 55dp

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6. Forbes Robo Vac N Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sanitization from Eureka Forbes (Black)

Forbes Robo Vac n Mop is designed with a cylindrical plastic build. Its slim body construction of 3.3 inches helps it navigate marbled tiles, wooden floors, and thick carpets.

Its unique feature is its smart sensing technology engineered to detect walls, furniture, and raised edges. With 1200Pa suction power, you will get nothing but efficient cleaning around your apartment.

Forbes Robo Vac n Mop is designed with three cleaning modes: Edge, Spot, and Auto-cleaning.

When you choose the edge mode, the vacuum will concentrate on areas closer to walls to keep every corner of your home clean. Its auto mode is for general cleaning.

[amazon box=”B08KGRPGR7″]

This model’s edge feature is its HEPA filter and UV disinfection technology that helps eradicate allergy or asthma when cleaning.

The battery life is quite efficient with 2200mAh that requires just 4 hours of recharge. When the battery is very low, it will return to its charging dock automatically.

Forbes Robo Vac N Mop Specs

  • UV disinfection technology
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • 1200Pa suction power
  • 65dp low-noise level
  • 2200mAh battery capacity


[amazon fields=”B08KGRPGR7″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

7. Trifo Ironpie m6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank, 3 in 1 Mopping & sanitizing Vacuum Robot

The Ironpie m6+ is yet another hand-vetted automatic robot vacuum and mop cleaner that thousands are trusted for its performance.

It features 1800Pa suction power that will easily get rid of dust, pet hairs, and other dirt in your home. Ironpie m6+ is designed with two cleaning modes – smart navigation mode and spiral cleaning mode.

This vacuum cleaner will not only take care of sweeping tasks but also mopping your floors, leaving them shiny and flawless.

One of its proficient features of this machine is its automatic charging and anti-drop sensor. It means that the robot will automatically return to its charging docks if the battery is very low.

[amazon box=”B07SWJGVKY”]

The anti-drop sensor helps the robot avoid falling from your stairs, preventing the gadget from damage.

It also features the Trifo home app, which is compatible with android and IOS devices. With its app, you can set up a scheduled time for cleaning, customize the recharge time, and of course, control the robot.

What’s more? Trifo Ironpie m6+ is Alexa supported, which allows users to give voice commands to the robot. You can give the robot a command “Start cleaning” while sitting on your couch.

Trifo Ironpie m6+Specs

  • Alexa enable (Voice command)
  • Trifo home app
  • 1800Pa suction power
  • Anti-drop sensor technology
  • Features 2 cleaning mode

[amazon fields=”B07SWJGVKY” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

8. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with E-Tank

The Roborock S5 is another brilliant vacuum cleaner for the home. But, of course, this gadget offers more than just sweeping your floors.

It features a 290ml water reservoir capacity that can be used for moping wooden floors and carpets.

Roborock S5 MAX comes with a 460ml dust box, a bin capacity that is big enough to accommodate dirt, pet hairs, and other waste around your home.

With its laser distancing navigation system, the robot will not bump into furniture, walls and fall off the stairs.

[amazon box=”B0841S2G1C”]

What’s more? Unlike other traditional models, S5 MAX is designed with a clog detection system. It means that you won’t have to worry about the dust and dirt getting stuck on the vacuum.

Designed with 2000Pa suction power, the robot will effortlessly get rid of dust, particles on almost any type of floor.

Well, let’s not forget that this model comes with a microfiber cloth that helps to wipe your floors after mopping automatically.

Roborock S5 MAX Specs

  • 290ml water capacity
  • 460ml dustbox capacity
  • 2000Pa suction power
  • Clog detection system
  • Laser distancing navigation system

[amazon fields=”B0841S2G1C” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

9. Taurus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Homeland Gyro- 4 in 1 Function | Vacuum, Scrub, Mop & Sweep

Taurus Homeland Gyro is built with a durable dark and rose gold finish for style and elegance.

Its 1800Pa suction power is efficient enough to eliminate all dirt and dust from hard floors, carpets, and wooden floors.

This model’s unique feature is its Elegantgyro technology, which makes the robot from colliding with furniture and walls.

[amazon box=”B08DWR3G9K”]

This model’s edge advantage is that it features seven cleaning modes – auto, gyro, spiral, perimeter, manual, optimal power, return, and home.

Like other premium models we’ve reviewed, Taurus Homeland Gyro is Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled.  With Alexa and Google Assistant, you’ll give voice commands to the robot, and it follows the command.

Taurus Homeland Gyro Specs

  • Elegantgro technology
  • 1800Pa suction
  • Designed with 7 cleaning modes
  • Alexa & Google Assistant
  • 3200mAh battery capacity

[amazon fields=”B08DWR3G9K” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

10. Milagrow Seagull – 2 Yr Warranty Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 5 yr Japanese Motor Warranty,

Milagrow is one of the best vacuum cleaners out there, not only for its unique features but because of its affordability.

Its 1500Pa suction power is adequate to get rid of dirt, pet hair and dust particles from your home, leaving your floor shiny at all times.

It is designed with a large dust bin, featuring a carrying capacity of 650ml to store dirt before disposing of it.

Milagrow Seagull is designed with an Anti-collision system and anti-drop sensors, which helps the robot avoid obstacles and furniture.

[amazon box=”B08D6P8NJ1″]

You can choose how you want the cleaning to be done because it is designed with three cleaning modes – Auto, Edge, and Spot.

Its auto-mode is for general cleaning, the edge is for areas close to walls, while spot modes concentrate on spiral cleaning within one area.

You can also take advantage of its intuitive mobile app for a hand-free experience, where you find other unique features of the vacuum cleaner.

Milagrow Seagull Specs

  • Anti-drop sensor and Anti-collision
  • 1500 Pa suction power
  • Large 650ml dirt box
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Designed with 3 cleaning mode

[amazon fields=”B08D6P8NJ1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium”]

Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaners [Buyer’s Guide]

There are some crucial features you have to put into consideration before purchasing robot vacuums. We’ve outlined these factors below:

Cleaning Modes

One of the basic factors you have to consider before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner is the available cleaning modes.

The cleaning mode will determine whether the robot will carry out the task fast and efficiently without flaws.

Different vacuum cleaners usually come with multiple cleaning modes for efficient cleaning in your home.

Nevertheless, the mode which a vacuum features depends on the manufacturer or model.

Most premium models usually come with three cleaning modes – Spot, Edge, and Auto mode. The auto mode takes care of the general cleaning, while edge and spot modes concentrate on edges close to walls and specific spots, respectively.

Other models like the Taurus Homeland Gyro we’ve reviewed feature up to 7 cleaning modes.

Control Options

Yeah, we know that the robot vacuum’s autonomous nature is their ability to clean on their own without hurdles. But, you’ll have to consider the control options available in a particular model.

Some models only feature a remote control, while others are designed with both remote and supported apps.

But that’s not all. Some like Trifo IronpieM6+ also feature Alexa for voice command controls. In other words, the control option is a factor you have to look out for before purchase.


Before now, earlier robotic vacuum cleaners only featured random navigation, which was not very efficient in cleaning specific areas due to problems getting around the home.

But in recent times, various models are designed with different technologies that enable them to navigate efficiently around the home.

Different models are designed with various navigation systems like laser-sensors, gyroscopes, cameras, and LIDAR that maps the routes in your home when it cleans.

Furthermore, some models are built with an anti-drop sensor and anti-collision system that helps the robot detect stairs and furniture when navigating.

East navigation will help the robot clean more adequately and get the task done faster because the device will not be repeating a particular room twice.

Battery Capacity

No one would like a robot vacuum that usually runs out of power when cleaning and takes several hours to recharge.

So, if that doesn’t sound cool to you, the more reason you have to pay close attention to the battery capacity.

A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with a reliable battery should be at least 1500mAh, and its recharge time shouldn’t exceed 4 hours.

You may want to consider models that automatically return to their charging docks when extremely low.

Suction Power

The suction power plays a vital role in a robot vacuum, considering how effectively the robot will carry out its cleaning.

There are different vacuum featuring various suction power ranging between 1500-3000Pa.

We’ve seen some robot vacuum that faces challenges when cleaning pet hair because of their low suction power.

All the models we’ve reviewed falls between the standard ranges for effortless cleaning.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners [Frequently Asked Questions]

  • Do Robotic Vacuums Actually Work?

Empathically, yes, there do work. You’ll be surprised what these robot vacuums could clean in your home. There are adequately engineered to relieve you of the stress of having to sweep and mop your floors all the time.

  • What’s the difference between robot vacuums and conventional vacuums?

Both of them use an agitator together with suction to pick up debris into a built-in container. Nevertheless, robot vacuums are more advance due to their versatility, smaller size, unique features, and connectivity options.

There boost of Alexa and Google Home support, multiple cleaning modes, and a handful of other features that makes cleaning more convenient around the home.

  • Do robotic vacuums work adequately on hard floors and carpeting?

Yes, some hand-vetted models work well on hard floors and carpeting without issues. Nevertheless, the result you’ll get depends on the model you choose, so we recommend considering your floor type before making a purchase.


There you go, ladies and gentlemen, the best vacuum cleaners you should consider having in your home instead of house helps or maids.

We’ve reviewed these highly-vetted vacuums for you to have the best model in your home, but if you are at a crossroads about the model to purchase, we recommend our top pick, “Trifo Max.”

You would be saving yourself from a whole lot of stress when you purchase any of these premium robot vacuums for your home, plus there are relatively more affordable.