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6 Best SpotZero Mop Review & Price – SpotZero By Milton

Hygiene and cleanliness are aspects of paramount importance for housewives today. It is the key to a healthy existence and a happy family. In the absence of proper tools and equipment, the task of cleaning can become really difficult and tedious. However, with the array of SpotZero mop sets from Milton, the mopping and cleaning process has become easier. The smart and durable sets of SpotZero by Milton are designed to offer comfort and convenience to everyone who takes up this task.

Some of the different models and designs of the SpotZero mop sets available in Indian market are mentioned below.

Best SpotZero Mop Sets By Milton Available Online In India

#1 Royale Spin #2 Classic #3 E-Elite Spin Mop
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1. SpotZero By Milton Royale Spin Mop, Aqua Green (Steel Wringer)

If you are looking for a simple effective solution for cleaning up the dust and dirt which cannot be managed even with most updated vacuum cleaners then the SpotZero by Milton Royale Spin Mop, Aqua Green (Steel Wringer) is just what you need. The microfiber technology of this SpotZero mop effectively collects the pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and much more. The mop comes with a super sleek extendable handle which also facilitates 360-degree movement.

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The mop is equally effective on both the dry and the wet surfaces, specially designed for Indian market. The microfiber threads ensure that the mop efficiently removes dust and dirt from both types of surfaces. Milton ensures that the body of the entire set (both the mop and the bucket) has a strong body. The entire set comes in a sophisticated aqua green color. The mop can effectively clean the corners between steps, glass, and other types of glass. There are other similar models in the market but this product from the house of Milton is a far sturdier one and is suitable for long term use. The spinning wheel in the drying compartment is a smooth one and helps to wring dirty water out of the mop.

Key Features

  • This SpotZero by Milton has a strong and durable plastic body.
  • All the elements of the mop, tub with the spinning wheel compartment comes as a single set.
  • The microfiber technology offers longevity to the mop and superior ability to absorb water. It is gentle on all types of surfaces, lint-free, and safe for the users.
  • The mop is easy to use and very handy in terms of its size and dimensions. You can store the whole set easily in compact spaces.
  • The mop cleans oil, water, and other forms of liquid, bacteria, and dust.
  • It has a liquid dispenser.

2. SpotZero by Milton Prime Mop with Big Wheels and Stainless Steel Wringer (Aqua green, 2 refills)

SpotZero by Milton brings us an array of super-effective models of mops. These mops are scientifically designed keeping in mind the cleaning necessity and common structure of the houses. The stylish SpotZero by Milton Prime Mop with Big Wheels and Stainless Steel Wringer is the finest example illustrating this fact. This aqua-green coloured SpotZero by Milton elite spin mop has a sturdy and tough body. This mop comes with a 10 litres steel bucket. While using the mop all you must do is pour in three mugs of water so that the water level reaches the nozzle. There is no need to fill up the bucket till its brim.

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This is why carrying the whole set from one place to another is easy. The house of Milton ensures that the product is a tough one which is what makes it highly suitable for long term usage. The mop comes with a thick handle which makes it comfortable to hold and control the mop for a longer duration. Controlling the mop stick is easier. For this model, Milton provides a 1-year warranty. Truly this SpotZero by Milton elite spin mop is a perfect cleaner. It’s a homemaker’s delight. The package comes with an extra mop. There are wheels below the bucket so that you can push the bucket from one room to another with ease. There will be no dragging marks on the floor as well. The spinning compartment helps you to easily wring the mop for more effective cleaning. This is a perfect product for all those who are facing major problems due to the absence of domestic help.

Key Features

  • This SpotZero by Milton prime mop comes with a microfiber technology. This makes it easier for the mop to absorb a higher quantity of water. It offers a greater amount of durability to the mop head. You can use the product to clean any type of surface.
  • The handle of the mop has a clip lock handle. This feature allows you to adjust the length of the mop to suit your height. Once the lock is secured you can easily use the product with comfort. No frequent changes are required.
  • The mop allows a 360-degree spin. The angle of cleaning can also be shifted with flexibility. The angular axle at the mop head allows this facility.
  • The kit includes a liquid dispenser that can be kept secure at the side of the dispenser.
  • There is a drainage plug at the bottom of the bucket. Now draining the dirty water and rinsing the bucket can be done with ease and comfort.

3. SpotZero by Milton E-Elite Spin Mop with Bigger Wheels and Plastic Auto Fold Handle for 360 Degree Cleaning (Aqua Green, Two Refills)

This SpotZero by Milton elite spin mop with bucket is one of the best cleaning mops in the market. This mop enables you to soak up three times the water than other ordinary mops can soak of the recent times. The makers of the product are offering one additional refill absolutely free with this SpotZero by Milton prime mop. The mop has a thick and comfortable handle.

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This will allow the user to control the mop stick effectively for a longer duration. The bucket has bigger wheels that enable us to move the bucket more effectively. This mop is provided with a one year warranty. You can effectively carry out deep cleaning with this mop. The head of the mop allows 360-degree movement which enables you to reach even the toughest corners and gaps between and under furniture, stairs, and other spaces. The bucket has two different compartments – one for clean water and the other for wringing dirty water. The bucket has a water outlet at the bottom of the bucket. It helps you to release dirty water and then rinse the bucket clean.

Key Features

  • Microfiber head that cleans water, liquid, oil, bacteria, dust.
  • It is durable and gentle.
  • Bigger wheels ensure that the bucket moves even on uneven surfaces
  • Compact dimensions allow easy storage.


4. SpotZero By Milton Classic Mop with Wheels (Aqua Green, 2 Refills)

As the name of the product suggests the SpotZero by Milton Classic Mop with Wheels is SpotZero smart spin mop. The product is designed to provide a complete home cleaning solution. The design of this stylish SpotZero by Milton elite spin mop with bucket ensures that homemakers and cleaners can effectively clean the toughest corners of the house. The mop comes with a complete set of a stick mop and a plastic bucket with a spinning chamber. Milton being one of the most prestigious brands of the market has been a leader in home cleaning equipment for a long time now.

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It can be said that very few other brands have an understanding of the requirements of their patrons like Milton. Hence, the makers of this cleaning equipment have ensured that product users get a complete ensemble of the facilities that are ardently searched. Durability, compact design, stylish colour, the efficiency of movement – the mop is a complete solution of home cleaning. Being eco-friendly, all the aspects have been looked into and have been assembled in this SpotZero smart spin mop.

Key Features –

  • The mop comes with a plastic body – durability is unquestionably good
  • It has a stylish and very attractive aqua green colour
  • The mop set has a compact body – 270mm x 462mm x 1320 mm
  • The product has a year’s warranty
  • The product comes with a single refill.
  • The head of the mop is provided with microfibre technology. It allows the mop to soak up three times the water an ordinary cotton mop head can.
  • This mop offers a complete cleaning solution that cleans various surfaces like floors, walls, window panes, etc.
  • Being compact the mop bucket can be stored with ease.
  • The mop has a handle that length can be adjusted as per the height of the user.
  • There are two separate chambers for storing water and wringing the water.
  • There is a water drainage outlet at the base or the bottom of the bucket.
  • The handle is thick and made of stainless steel rod. This makes the handle light and easy to maneuver and control.
  • The head of the mop allows for 360-degree rotation. This will allow the user to reach the most challenging gaps and spaces for cleaning.
  • There is a handle at the side of the bucket so that you can lift and move the bucket.
  • There are wheels at the bottom of the bucket for pushing and moving it anywhere in the house.


5. SpotZero By Milton Ace Spin Mop, Aqua green

Amongst the array of the Milton mop bucket the SpotZero by Milton Ace Spin Mop, Aqua green is one of the most popular designs and has a huge demand amongst the patrons of the brand. This mop bucket comes in a set where you can get an adjustable mop stick with a twin tub bucket. Just like in all other products od the brand, in this product as well, Milton has struck a unique balance between looks and durability. The makers have kept in mind the requirements of their clients and also the aspects of aesthetics. The entire set comes in a blissful aqua green colour which makes the whole thing look really pleasant.

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It has a compact design which makes it highly storable. In addition to all this, the oval shape of the bucket gives it a super cute look. The head of the mop is provided with microfiber technology. This allows the product to soak up more liquid as compared to ordinary cotton head mops. This Milton mop bucket effectively cleans any type of liquid like oil and water and also very useful in deep-cleaning jobs. It cleans both germs and dust. This mop can be effectively used on any type of surface. It is great for surface cleaning, no matter what type of surface it is. Along with being an efficient cleaner, the mop is friendly and gentle on different types of surfaces. You can also use this mop to clean window glass, walls, slabs, shelves, and tiles. The 360-degree movable mop head ensures that you can reach the spaces below the furniture, the corners of the room, or the meeting spaces between walls. In short, this mop even cleans those places that are not reached by the most effective vacuum cleaners. The tub comes with twin compartments for effective washing and wringing of the mop head.

Key features

  • Have wheels at the base for easy movement.
  • Has a thick handle for easy holding and controlling the mop stick.
  • One year warranty on the product.
  • Can be used both on dry and wet surfaces.
  • A drainage outlet at the bottom of the bucket.
  • An extra refill is provided.
  • A strong plastic body.

6. SpotZero by Milton Flat Mop (Aqua Green)

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This is a new bucket mop that is provided with a broad spectrum of smart features for greater convenience for the users. This is a Milton mop bucket that balances utility with looks. This is a perfect solution for end-to-end cleaning of any type of space. Whether in an official or commercial space or a residential space, this mop can do wonders anywhere and everywhere. It has a super-effective mop head with microfiber technology, adjustable handle, lightweight bucket with a twin tub, and a host of other features. All these features put together ensures that anyone can use the product and can effectively clean every inch of any type of space.

Key features

  • The mop bucket comes with a compact dimension that makes it easy to store.
  • There are wheels at the bottom of the bucket. It enables easy movement of the bucket.
  • There is a water drainage outlet at the bottom of the bucket.
  • The bucket is made up of durable plastic
  • It comes in a stylish aqua green colour.
  • The stick of the mop is adjustable. Now the user can adjust and change the length of the stick of the mop according to his or her height.
  • The head of the mop is made up of microfiber technology. It effectively cleans liquid, dust, and bacteria.
  • The mop allows 360-degree movement. This is why it can reach the most difficult spaces in the house.
  • The product is eco-friendly.
  • It is gentle on every type of surface and material.

Benefits of having a spin mop at home

There are multiple benefits of having a spin mop at home. They are-

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It can reach all the corners of the house and make the cleaning process comfortable
  • The adjustable handle of the mops makes it convenient for all users irrespective of their height.
  • It is less time consuming and has different variants suited according to the needs of the customers.
  • The wringers are provided with the spin mops. So your hands are not dirty and there is no fear of infections.

SpotZero Spin Mop buying guide India

There are various types of Spin mops available in the market. Here is a guide of how you should select your spin mop according to your needs:

  • Look for the types of mopes which have larger head size. This will ensure higher absorption of water in a single mopping.
  • Make sure the mop heads are made of microfibers. Microfibers have longer longevity and endurance power. They can be reused as well as re-washed after every use.
  • Steam mops are usually beneficial to clean a large area. But Microfibers and sponge mops servers the purpose of everyday cleaning.
  • While selecting mops look for the ones that provide extra refills. Otherwise finding the refills of the exact size and shape can be at times tedious.
  • 360-degree rotational mops are highly recommended for all users. This makes the usage easier.
  • Look for the drainage outlet and wheels in the bucket of the spin mop. It will be time-saving. Also with the wheels available your effort decreases. The bucket can be easily taken from one side of the house to the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a spin mop be used in all types of floors?

Ans. No. Spin mops are used with materials such as microfibers, sponge or steam. For vinyl or Linoleum flooring, steam or microfiber moping along with dry sponge mop is beneficial. For the wooden floor, damp microfiber mops can be used. While for ceramic or porcelain flooring, both sponge and microfiber mops can be used.

  1. Can we wash the mop head?

Ans. Yes. After each use, the mops should be washed and dried to ensure durability.

  1. When do we need to replace the mop head?

Ans. Replacing the refills depends upon your usage. If you use it regularly for a large area, then you need to change the mop heads at regular intervals. However, it is advised to replace the mop head after using it for 2-3 months. As the dirt starts accumulating and absorption power decreases, it will no longer serve its purpose.

  1. Is the handle of the mop adjustable?

Yes. You can easily adjust the handles according to your convenience.

  1. After the refills are used, will I find more refills in the market?

Ans. Yes. You will find refills in the market, online and e-commerce websites. Just make sure that you mention your variant of a spin mop while buying.

  1. Can the mop head be washed in the washing machine?

Ans. Regular washing of the spin mop in the washing machine might damage it.    However, use gentle spins if you are using a machine. Also, make sure that after washing the mop heads are dried. Also, if your mop head has a small attachment hook you can use it in a washing machine. But do not wash the ones which have large attachment hooks. They might damage the mop as well as the machine.

Finally, it can be said that no matter whether you are looking for a SpotZero smart spin mop or a SpotZero twist and squeeze mop the house of Milton has it all for you. Sturdy and stylish this is just what is required by the super busy homemakers, the bachelor, and office going people for spotlessly clean, shinning and hygienic house.