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Best Spray Mop in India 2022

Cleaning our homes is not just for looking clutter-free or dust-free, but it has an overall high purpose. The job of cleaning a home or office is directly in link with the overall peace and calmness we so desire in our lives. A clutter-free, dirt-free place becomes a channel for our spirit to relax.

We may dust using brushes or brooms, rakes, or rags. But to get the interiors and exteriors fresh and spot-free, we have to use the spray mop. Today, there are various styles of mops available, the ones with automatic wringing options or the basic ones with manual wringing. The best way to use these would be with a detergent or cleaning solution. Are you ready to check out a buying guide before shopping for a spray mop floor cleaner?

Buying Guide for the Best Spray Mop

  • Manual or Electric: There are manual ones that just have a button to click for spraying a mist of solution. This gives better control over the quantity of the solution. The electric ones are slightly more expensive but need batteries to dispense the spray.
  • Floor Type: Be careful to know your floor type before buying any spray mop Amazon. The laminate floors require gentle care, unlike the regular hardwood or tile or even stone flooring. So, read the instructions on the mop cleaner before buying.
  • Cordless or Corded: The corded ones may be ideal for extensive cleaning and have additional steam and vacuum cleaners. But you cannot move around freely in areas without a power source. The cordless, on the other hand, gives you more freedom to move around and clean.
  • Size of Mop: When you think of cleaning large areas, especially commercial areas like stores or libraries, the best option would be large mops. But while they may take less time, the mops are not easy to handle, especially in nooks and corners. On the other hand, the small mops may require a lot of time but can cover all the areas pretty well.
  • Weight: If you want lightweight ones, the manual ones would be ideal for you. Otherwise, if you are fine with the heavier ones, the automatic or water spray mop floor cleaner is ideal for you.

Best Healthy Spray Mop [Top Models Reviewed]


1. YORK Flat Spray Mop, 2 in 1, Liquid Dispenser and Movable Handle

If you are looking for an ideal spray mop in India, York Flat Spray 2-in-1 mop is for you and comes with a liquid dispenser. It has a movable handle to dispense the right amount of liquid on the floor. There is no need for any bucket to clean the floors anymore. It takes very little space for storage too. The handle allows easy access to the corners of the floor under cabinets or even stands.

Check out the microfiber refill head that helps clean, remove dirt, and give a completely clean floor. Also, it is removable, which means cleaning this head after a cleaning session of the floor is more hygienic and easier than you ever thought. The spray dispenser attachment helps spray on the move with just a trigger to help you direct the spray in the right place.

You need not use excessive pressure to clean dry stains or grime anymore. The spray head is at the right point from where the liquid would directly head out to the spot.

[amazon box=”B08L7TXYMT”]

What’s more? You can control the 360 C50 robotic vacuum hands-free, thanks to its IR remote that make your cleaning more convenient.

You press “start” on the remote, sit back on your couch, and let this vacuum do the cleaning. The perfect wet and dry automatic vacuum cleaner for homes in India.

Key Features

  • Ideal for stone, tile, wooden floors
  • The mop comes with a hook for storage
  • Movable handle for easy use
  • Joint allows in bending and sliding

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2. Antson Aluminium Microfiber Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

The search for the best spray mop in India ends with an Antson Aluminum Microfiber Floor cleaning spray mop. This is high-tech by all means as it gets easy to remove the microfiber-cleaning pad. This means you can remove it after use and wash it separately. All those people who care for hygiene in these days of a pandemic can be reassured that these fabrics will be super clean.

Also, the long handle allows you to manoeuvre and work with ease. In short, those people who complain of backaches can now do the entire house cleaning without straining themselves. The next point to note is that integrated spray mechanism that allows you to push up the lever on the handle.

That’s it for the fine mist of solution water to spray on the floor. You control the amount of spray to go, which makes this the ideal spray mop online. The next point is that its 2-in-1 mechanism allows you to remove dry dust and wet spills with just one wipe.

[amazon box=”B095G55KGN”]

Key Features

  • Mop with push bar
  • Washable cleaning pad
  • 360-degree floor cleaning
  • High-quality aluminium pole
  • Washable 4-piece mop set

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3. Flat Spray Mop, 2 in 1, Liquid Dispenser and Movable Handle

As you look for a more healthy spray mop to clean around the house, this Generic Flat Spray Mop 2-in-1 shall fit the bill. It has a 360-degree rotational head that allows you to reach out to places your hand might not even access.

So, mopping under the king-sized bed is possible, and so is the corner behind the washing machine. Every square inch of your home will be spotless and free from all kinds of microbial infestation.

These corners are the most neglected parts of any home. But now, your home with this product will be safe and spotless. A spray mechanism is also available, and this means you pour the cleaning liquid in this bottle on the pole and spray it.

There is also an option to mop the floor drily without spraying. This spraying mechanism doubles up and works better as you do not have to take a bucket of water again and drag it on the floor.

[amazon box=”B084BW9KZH”]

Key Features

  • Liquid dispenser with the movable handle
  • Highly absorbent microfiber pad
  • 360-degree rotating head

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4. 360 Degree Rotation Multifunctional Spray Mop

If you are looking for a spray mop,ENJOY the Celebration Premium Multi-functional spray mop is a great choice. You can enjoy a humanized design suitable for you to work on all floor types, from ceramic tiles to laminate wood and hardwood. If you believe in getting flexibility, this spray mop is the best in the market now.

Look for a more durable microfiber pad that comes with a 23.66oz refillable bottle. You can use any cleaning solution here to refill. Just fill it and use it with ease as you clean the deep dirt and grime on the floor. Besides grip, you can also find ample sturdiness.

But if you ask us, we love the fact that this is a multipurpose mop. Its aluminium body is great for durable use. The 360-degree design will require just one hand to operate and clean even the corners without making you bend uncomfortably.

The trigger on the top handle makes spraying most effective. Also, the ergonomic pole design and the 360-degree mop head rotation work wonders.

[amazon box=”B07WG6W96Y”]

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 design for use
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Wider fan-shaped mist outlet
  • Super quality microfiber pad

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5. YORK Flat Spray Mop, 2 in 1

If you search for a spray mop, Amazon will show you hundreds of results. But the York Flat Spray Mop 2-in-1 is going to be on the top. The product is a flat mop with sprayer technology, and it is great for small families or singles who have no space in their apartments.

If you believe in minimalism and keep the home clean with the least effort, this smart mop is ideal for you. Do not worry about how to mop, and do not even worry about using buckets. All you do is to get the 2-in-1 dispenser and mop to ensure better cleaning. You can remove dried stains and stubborn ones too.

The best feature we recommend to you would be its movable handle as its operation will allow you to spray as per your requirement. The design allows you to spray and reach out to the tiniest corners where the dirt also might settle if not in regular use for a long time.

[amazon box=”B0813RV2SD”]

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 technology
  • The sprayer on the handle
  • Great access to all corners
  • Comes with a hook to store
  • Can wash with 60 degrees temperature water

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6. Maharsh Healthy Spray Mop

The search for a healthy spray mop ends with Maharsh Healthy Spray Mop. This is a high-quality mop with a Spray facility and 360-degree coverage. This means you need not worry about skipping any inaccessible spot anymore. The mop with being easily reaching out to those areas with ease.

The 4-piece floor cleaning mop comes with high-quality SS and microfiber pads. There are 4 parts, and they are easy to disassemble after use and assemble when you want to use them. This makes it easy to store or carry.

You have the pole, the microfiber pads, the mop head, and the water storage tank in these four pieces. The 360-degree rotating mop head can help wonders in giving great coverage with the least effort. After use, you can easily remove and put the pads in the washing machine. The pole is sturdy enough for you to use to mop and remove strong stains and grime. Its removable parts make it easy to maintain, and the durable pieces make it a great investment of spray mop.

[amazon box=”B07FQQTHBN”]

Key Features

  • Microfiber pads can attract all dirt, hair, and grime
  • Machine-washable pads
  • Easy to assemble parts

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7. Ardith Stainless Steel Microfiber Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

If you want nothing but the best spray mop in India, Adrith Stainless Steel Microfiber floor cleaning mop will be ideal for you. We all are extra cautious when we clean our home floors. After all, we spend a fortune in laying the exact type of floor materials. Thus, we do our best to get the highest quality of floor cleaning materials as well.

Adrith Floor cleaner comes with a microfiber pad. This can be put to use on all types of floors. You can even use the same on windows. The lightweight steel aluminium structure is durable and can last for a long time. The trigger spray mechanism is easy to use across all floors.

The 360-degree cleaning of the floors makes it easy to use on all floor types. The microfiber pad can remove tough messes from the different rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. The refill tank has a 22oz capacity for you to refill using any cleaning soap or solution of your choice.

[amazon box=”B09BQX22GX”]

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotational head
  • Easy to trigger and spray mechanism
  • Strong and durable steel aluminium body

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8. Cpixen Aluminum Spray Mop

What do you do to ensure the ideal spray mop floor cleanerexperience? Get the Cpixen Aluminum Spray mop for yourself. The highlight is the simplicity in the way you activate this. The spray mechanism works wonders, and it saves you the effort of taking the water bucket to use water for mopping around the floor. The trigger mode allows the spraying, and the 360-degree rotational head works in giving the best coverage.

Go for the 2-in-1 microfiber pad that can work on dry or wet floors simultaneously and with equal effectiveness. In terms of functionality, we all seek high-quality and lightweight steel aluminium structures.

We love the aspect that there is a 360-degree head. Just rotate it while scrubbing the stubborn stains and grime from the laminate floors or other types of flooring. Get the cleaning solution of your choice, fill it in the tank, and spray without any battery power. The easy to assemble and remove tank is a wonder to work with around the house.

[amazon box=”B0819YWMJN”]

Key Features

  • 4-piece mop set
  • 360-degree cleaning facility
  • Durable microfiber material

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9. Deerma TB500 Insta Clean Spray Mop

Some perfectionists seek the best spray mop online. Deerma TB500 Insta Clean Spray mop is the ideal choice for you. This mop is great for you to clean and mop the room. You need not carry buckets of water to clean the home. Just let the spray from this cleaning mop be ahead of the wiping. It will save you a lot of time and can even be wiped without leaving any trace of water on the floor.

The best aspect is the removable pads, and they are made of microfiber that can absorb pretty well. The carbon microfiber mop cloth can easily remove all traces of water from the floor, thereby making it safe to walk around even after a mop.

The Insta Spray Klean technology is worth special mention as it can bring a great turnaround to the ease of cleaning overall. The spraying point is at the right spot from where it sprays with ease and cleans adequately. Don’t worry after cleaning, remove the same from the head and wash it in the machine.

[amazon box=”B07WFGTTHR”]

Key Features

  • ABS/PP material is durable
  • 3-cm thin head for easy movement
  • Quick-dry features

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10. VYAPTI Spray Mop

When you want to use the water spray mop, your idea is to ensure the spray feature runs smoothly. Vyapti Spray mop will fit your requirement as it has all the vital features to do so. Ergonomics plays a crucial role in our selection of a mop. You may want the pole to be long enough not to have to bend or crouch as you clean far or under tables and appliances.

This spray mop does just that for you, and then there is a flat spray mop with a refill. This can be put to use for dry mopping or wet mopping. The fine spray head saves water, and you do not have to worry about any extra water dispensing.

Did we also mention that it has a level or a trigger there to help you spray?

The 360-degree swivelling head is a great way of checking out and spraying on all sides and not necessarily in one direction. There is a smart lock to fit the pole and assemble it in a jiffy.

[amazon box=”B08WCBMH93″]

Key Features

  • Great for cleaning dry or wet floors
  • Aluminium spray mop
  • 360-degree rotation for better coverage
  • 4-piece floor clean mop

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11. QUAHOG Aluminum Spray Mop Set

Another contender for the best spray mop in India has to be the QUAHOG Aluminum Spray mop set. What’s so special about it? To start with, the 2-in-1 floor cleaner mop comes with a microfiber pad. This means your floor, whether tile or marble or laminate wood, does not get direct harm from the mop.

Next, its microfiber pad is great as it can remove the toughest stains and marks on the floor. So, if you spill tea, sugar candies, or even batter, the wiping of the floor is a lot easier with this mop. There is no battery to run it, which means you save money and work while also caring for the environment. The next point worth mentioning is durability.

Everyone seeks a great ROI, and here also you can get that thanks to the material used in the mop. The aluminium structure of this pole makes it a lot more durable than you can ever think of! The 360-degree head and the spray trigger work fine and can bring more ease of work to you.

[amazon box=”B0917KVXTZ”]

Key Features

  • Microfiber pad
  • Safe to use on all types of floors
  • Rotating head for better access
  • Easy to assemble parts and water tank

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12. Kandera Spray Floor Mop

The moment you begin your market search for the best spray mop India-based, then you realize that Kandera Spray Floor mop is among the top. What makes it so special? The answer lies in several points. It comes with a removable and washable microfiber cleaning pad. This means after mopping, you can easily remove the pad and wash it.

The next point that will add the wow in this spray mop is the 2-in-1 spray mop design to help you mop dry or wet floors. The integrated spray mechanism also comes with a trigger or a level to put on the handle. So, just use it as you go mopping everywhere you go. Do not have to carry extra water in a bucket all around or cause a spill.

There is a provision to use water or cleaning solution mixed with water in the 600ml tank. You can use it anywhere you want, for simply dry mopping to collect dust or maybe for an elaborate wiping of the floor.

[amazon box=”B08R5V5WHN”]

Key Features

  • Strong and ergonomic pole design
  • Integrated spray mechanism with level
  • Removable and washable microfiber pad

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13. CROWNISH Healthy Spray Mop

When looking for a stylish and durable spray mop online, the CROWNISH Healthy spray mop will be a great choice. The 2-in-1 floor mop has a microfiber pad, and it does not harm the floor. It is safe to use on all floor types, whether it is hardwood or laminate floors.

The pad can remove the tough, sticky mess your kids throw on the floor without leaving any trace behind. The mop can also be put to use in any room of your choice and even on windows. The 360-degree reach helps put the mop to use anywhere and even under bulky cabinets or other appliances. Now no corner in your home will be inaccessible for cleaning.

Another feature that everyone likes about this healthy spray mop is how it sprays evenly any cleaning solution on the floor. You can fill up the tank and see how it works for you.

[amazon box=”B07TYZPZWT”]

Key Features

  • Microfiber pad for easier cleaning
  • Ergonomic length and design of the pole
  • Spray mechanism with a convenient lever
  • The removable and washable cleaning pad

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FAQs for Best Spray Mop in India

Which is the best spray mop?

York flat spray 2-in-1 mop is the best spray mop in India. The product has a durable body and has easy storage options.

Is the spray mop good?

Of course, a spray mop is a good alternative when you want to dry mop or do a wet mop of the floors. The design is ergonomic, and the spray mechanism allows you to wipe floors easily.

What are spray mops?

A spray mop comes with a spray mechanism on a regular mop. Just add a cleaning liquid in a tank and use the trigger to spray on the location to mop.

How do you mop with a spray mop?

Fill the tank of the spray mop with some cleaning liquid. Pull the trigger on the location where you want to mop and clean the dirt or grime from there.

How do you open a spray mop?

Usually, the pole might have two to three parts, and the mop head is another fitting. Look for a lock to pull up or down to open the spray mop. Fasten it when you want to work.

Can you put method floor cleaner in a spray mop?

Usually, there should not be any problem in using Method floor cleaner. However, many mops may not allow for use. So read the product description well before using the same.

How do you use a microfiber spray mop?

You can fit and assemble all the parts of the spray mop. Then add the floor cleaning liquid to the spray tank and spray it on the floor you want to mop clean.