How to Use a Spin Mop? (Complete Instructions)

Admit it: cleaning the floor every time is not your cup of tea. But it is very vital household job that can be made easier with a good spin mop. It can make this job more effective and faster so you can enjoy mopping with ease.

Why Choose a Spin Mop?

You may have used soapy sponge to scrub the floor of your kitchen, kneel down with bucket of water around the hand. But it triggers knee and back pain. So, it is better to go with spin mop with extended handle and it is the hard floor cleaner of choice. There are different types of mop – string mops, sponge mops, flat mops, steam mops, and spray mops. There is also a spin mop you can choose. You can enjoy different conveniences with spin mops to do this mundane task of cleaning the floors. You can check out the best spotzero spin mops review here

  • You don’t have to get your hands dirty with dirty mop or water.
  • You don’t have to wipe up excess water with rags or towels.
  • You don’t have to wait for longer time to dry out your floors.
  • The head is easy to use and machine washable with most spin mops.
  • In addition, spin mops add some more fun to the process of cleaning. There is something great about watching the head of the mop in motion in spin basket.

Using Spin Mop

Different brands of best spin mop have different instructions, but they all have the same cleaning process. It is highly recommended to spray your floor with cleaning liquid first and then let it sit. The hard dirt can be lifted with ease when you pass around it with the mop. Here are the detailed instructions to use spin mop –

  • Fill the mop bucket with water and add cleaning liquid, if you need.
  • Dank the mop head in the water and put it in the spinning basket which is attached over the bucket.
  • According to the brand, you either pump handle of mop or step on pedal to start the spin of basket.
  • Repeat the process whenever you need to rinse the mop.

Tips to Use Spin Mop

  • Mop shouldn’t be limited to floors only. It can also be used to clean the shower stalls and tiled walls in the bathroom.
  • A lot of spin mops have pumping handle to trigger the spin function with locks to keep pumping on use. Be sure to unlock the mop before you rinse out or it will not be able to spin in the bucket.
  • Good spin mope can angle really well to reach the hard to reach areas like under the furniture or into the corners. So, you should keep the mop properly upright when spinning or rinsing in the bucket.
  • How wet you need your mop to be while cleaning is up to the type of flooring. Tile can withstand little bit of moisture but hardwood should be cleaned with almost dry mop. Vinyl and laminated flooring works well with a bit of damp mop.
  • The faster the mop head is spun in the basket, the drier the mop is going to be.
  • Be sure that the yarn strands of your spin mop are fanned well off the head for the effective mopping. If you give quick spin to the mop before you place on the floor, it should fall in place naturally.
  • Hold your mop at around 45-degree angle when in use to spare your mop and back well.

Angle the mop handle as needed to reach into crannies and behind furniture. But mop head should remain flat on the floor.

I hope this below video will help you more.