How to Pick a Right Spin Mop – The Beginner’s Guide

Choosing the best spin mops is the way to make your daily life easier. You should choose the right spin mop which is easy to use. Be sure the mop/bucket system is easy to clean, easy to spin, maneuverable in stiff spaces, change mop heads, and easy to move from one place to another. When choosing the spin mop, here are the features to look for –

Spinning system – Would you choose spin mop with handle pump or foot pedal? Also keep in mind that hardware can be little flimsy in the foot pedal.

Agitator – It can easily remove the excess dirt off your mop so you would never have to change water or slop the dirt back on the floor.

Liquid dispenser – Though having it or not is not a big deal, but it could be of great help when you just fill up a dispenser built in with cleaning liquid so you don’t have to scrounge along for bottle.

Drain plug – It is shockingly not found on most spin mop buckets. But it makes things easier. You can easily dump the dirty water easily without any mess.

Accessories – In terms of accessories, spin mops are very light. Some also come with cleaning gloves, scrubber brushes, and additional mop heads which can be handy.

Wheels – If you still not want to carry around bulky buckets of dirty water which splashed all around the feet, wheels can be very handy.

Splash guard – On the mop bucket, one of the splash guards keep excess and dirty water in the bucket where it should be and not on the floor.

The mop is also very important to consider, including the shape and size of mop head. You can use the triangular shape that can clean corners rather than circular ones. You can easily clean the larger room instantly with larger mop head, while smaller mop can fit behind toilets, under the fridge or furniture along with other tight corners.

Other Things to Consider

Before you choose the best spin mop in India for you, here are certain things to look for –

Size of the rooms – If you have large bathroom, kitchen or hard floors in your house, it is always wise to look for a mop with large spin head that can save some time for you.

Build and handle length – A lot of spin mop handles are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is heavier and sturdier. If you are tall, you need to consider the length of handle. Some models have extensions or telescoping handles which can avoid back pain.

Material – A lot of spin mops come with microfiber fabric, which can be gentle enough to be absorbent on floors. Some also come with materials for gentle cleaning or heavy jobs or with scrubber brushes such as Gala spin mops.

Design of the bucket – The design may vary widely. The key here is ease of use. Choose the bucket with pour spout so you can easily dump dirty water. Splash guards can keep extra water from splashing on the floors.