Magic spin mop

Magic Spin Mop – Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

Magic Spin mops are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to clean up the floor. It is such a great cleaning device which comes in two parts – spin mop and bucket. You just have to fill up the bucket with water and cleaning liquid, and spin the mop with centrifugal force. The mop heads are machine washable and super absorbent for around 2 years. Here are some of the key features and pros and cons –

Key Features of Magic Spin Mop

If you are looking for the best spin mop, here are some of the key features to search for –

  • Cleaning performance – Spin mop should be able to work on different floors like wooden, textured, and tiled.
  • Life – To look for the best and cost-effective solution, be sure to check durability. On these devices, most of the mops can last up to 2 years.
  • Fiber – Check the fiber of the mop before buying. It should be yacht type fiber or microfiber for quality cleaning.
  • Cleaning performance – You can easily choose 180-degree or 360-degree spin mop as per your needs. So, check the rotation before buying spin mop.
  • Accessories – According to your budget, spin mops are available with accessories that can help you in deep cleaning in your house.
  • Bucket design – Check the material and sturdiness of the bucket. Be sure water doesn’t splash off when it comes to rotate and foot pedal is user friendly.

Spin Mop Pros

Spin mops are revolutionary inventions to make your job of cleaning a lot more comfortable and easier. Here are few pros of these effective and simple solutions –

Proper Cleaning

Spin mops are easy to use and very effective to clean floors rather than traditional approaches. Simple force on proper cleaning of the mop ensures better results.

No Damage

Spin mops can dramatically reduce the chances of damage to your textured floors. The mop has the threads that are made of quality material and performs better on any kind of floor.

Less effort

You don’t have to put much effort as a magic spin mop can clean up with less force. Hence, you don’t have to clean the mop manually.

Saves water

Rather than traditional methods, spin mops drastically reduces the consumption of water. You can also play a vital role to save water for the environment while cleaning the floors properly.

No electricity needed

It is another best part of spin mops. It needs no power connection. You can clean your floor faster and more efficiently without relying on power source. It can also save power bills as well.

Spin Mop Cons

Spin Mop Depends on Bucket – Spin mop needs a bucket to carry the water which often becomes a mess. On the other side, steam mop has a small compartment with the mop itself to store water.

Mop head needs replacement – Spin mop has a mop head which needs replacement over time and also needs cleaner and bucket of water. It may not be wise to use floor cleaner or harsh chemicals if you have children.