Scotch Brite Mop

Scotch Brite Mops- Are They Worth Buying?

Mopping is a tiring and time-consuming job but it’s indispensable too. Along with our professional life, we should all take care of our house and try to keep it as clean as possible. Some of us have children in our houses, who have just started crawling. There are pets in many houses playing or sleeping most of the time on the floor. Also, edible things fall on the floor, and we consume them without properly washing them. So, to take care of our health, we should keep our house clean and free of germs. This is why mopping becomes an essential part of our daily schedule. Scotch brite mop set is available in the market that effectively saves your floor cleaning time.  They are easy to handle, doesn’t hurt your knees, hands or back and also has a bucket along with the wingers, where the water is squeezed out without your hands getting dirty. Scotch brite mop price is also cost-effective, designed for quick, simple, hassle-free regular mopping.

Before you buy the Scotch brite mop set, go through its specifications and pros and cons.

List of Top Scotch Brite Mop

  • Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop

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Scotch brite spin mop is designed for the easy cleaning and mopping of your house. It comes with a twin scotch brite bucket mop. Its spinning technique helps in easy wringing and rinsing the dirt from the mops. The product is made of microfibers which helps in entrapping the dirt particles quickly. Microfibre is a far better option than cotton. Microfibers help in removing liquid, dry strain, dust, and hair from the floor. This product has two extra refills which ensure that the mopping takes place in a rather effective manner and a higher frequency of usage can be permitted. With is its specially designed feature of the telescopic handle, it can rotate at 360-degree angle, such that the mop easily reaches every corner of your house. Scotch brite spin mop has well-defined partitions. One side is for cleaning while the other side is used for wringing.

The mop is made of plastic and it comes in green colour. The package contains one handle, one bucket, and two auto refills. Another very effective feature of this product is its adjustable handle. The height of the handle can be adjusted according to your convenience. The handle is sturdy and it has a clip lock which helps gives the product better durability. Also, the bucket has a handle that makes mopping easy and fast.


  • Easy to use and works really fast
  • Microfiber technology helps in deep cleaning
  • 360- degree rotational technique of the mop, helps in better coverage of the floor
  • Handles are detachable. The customers can adjust the height according to their needs
  • The dual refill technique ensures the durability of the mop.


  • The product does not come with a warranty

Scotch brite bucket mop is not only easy to use, but it also comes with well-designed techniques to ensure the satisfaction of its customers to the fullest.

  • Scotch Brite Butterfly Plastic Mop and Refill Combo

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Based on technology and design, scotch brite butterfly mop is one of the most reliable purchase. It based on a unique mechanism of butterfly squeezing to for cleaning of the dirt. Further, it has PVA sponges which are very different from microfibers or cotton cloth. It helps in better absorption of liquid or dust particles. It is used for mopping all types of floors like marble, vinyl, tiles, mosaic, cement, etc. Also, it has a refill and it facilitates hand free cleaning and mopping of the floor. It is designed with a telescopic and adjustable handle that helps you to use the mop according to your convenience. Also, the height of the handle can be adjusted according to your convenience. The PVA sponge head has a high density so it helps in deep cleaning, which makes this product all the more unique. Scotch brite butterfly mop is made of sturdy plastic and the handle of the mop is made of metal. The mop absorbs a good amount of dust, liquid, or water and one does not have to use hands while mopping.

The mop is a high-quality foam that absorbs a considerable amount of water. Also, after the water is absorbed, it is easy to pull out the water by just pulling the handle. The butterfly mop has a strong capacity of squeezing out the water. Its mechanism of controlled squeezing helps to procure the desired amount of water. This butterfly mop fits in all types of buckets. So, it is not only easy to use but also wrings out the excess water easily. Moreover, it helps higher durability and helps in saving time. Another striking feature of this mop is its refill mechanism. This product comes with an easy refill technique and also the refills are easily available in the market.


  • PVA sponge for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to use and durable


  • The mop does not contain a bucket

Thus, the butterfly mop from scotch brite helps in the effective cleaning of the household. It has well-defined mechanisms. It comes with an adjustable handle and can be used by everyone. While mopping and cleaning your home, you can stay away from dirt and germs, while at the same time improve the health and hygiene of your family members.

  • Scotch-Brite Microfiber Flat Mop

Scotch brite flat mop is designed in a very unique way. Along with mopping the floors, it is also used for cleaning ceilings, glasses, walls, and windows. It has microfibers that trap dirt, dander, hair as well as pet hair. The mop handle can be easily controlled as its head rotates 360 degrees which ensure trapping of dirt from all the corners of the house very easily. It easily slides below the couches and tables and successfully entraps dirt particles. Because of its lightweight and easy mechanism, you can use it as per your convenience. You can turn its head and direct it towards any angle. This scotch brite magic mop comes with one extra filling and it is used in various ways. The refills attached to the Scotch brite flat mop can also be washed in a washing machine. Further, the refill is easily available and is user friendly.

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The handle of the mop is adjustable. Therefore, any member of the family can use it because it can be adjusted according to height and need. Another important feature of this product is, along with the flat mop and refill, it contains a dirt scraper. The dirt scraper helps in cleaning the head of the mop after use which ensures hygiene and cleanliness to the fullest. After the cleaning and mopping the dust can be successfully removed with the help of the scrapper. Also, the refill can be easily pulled off from the moppet and left for drying. This ensures higher durability of the mop, as it can be used over and over again if it is maintained properly.


  • Adjustable handle
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Microfiber mop head and refill
  • Dirt scraper
  • Refills are removable, washable and re-adjustable


  • The refills available in the market are costly

So, the flat mop, makes cleaning less tiresome, easy to use, and can easily reach out to the corners and covered areas of the house without delay.

Along with the above mops, Scotch brite jumper spin mop has also specially designed features for the convenience of its customers. It’s easy to use technique, sturdy and strong bucket and availability of outlet for draining water makes this mop also user friendly and durable. Thus, mops not only help to maintain hygiene in the house but also make cleaning and mopping easier. You select a mop according to your convenience and budget.