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Best Sponge Mop in India 2022

“The floor looks clean as it is just by sweeping the dirt, the mopping can wait!” Does this sound like you do every day? You are not alone! The task of taking a bucket of water, pouring cleaning solution, soaking, and using a mop cloth is too much. If that is not enough, you might have to go on all fours and kneel to clean the corners of the home floors.

Did we also mention the tedious job of fetching a bucket of water, adding soap or cleaning liquid, the task of soaking a mop cloth and wringing it by hand? This is not just it, as the actual job of kneeling and mopping the entire floor is sure to give you a sore back and hurting knees soon.

So, what is the solution? The answer to this problem lies in getting a sponge mop. This is a God-sent as it alleviates the trouble of mopping floors with effort. We will learn more about the best product for cleaning from this buying guide.

Buying Guide for the Best Sponge Mop

  • Long Flexible Pole: The design of the sponge mop is highly practical. It comes with a long pole, which is also adjustable in many cases. However, the quality of this pole should be strong, and you need not have to bend and use the PVA sponge mop.
  • Button to Wring Excess Water: The best sponge mop is the one that understands your troubles. Look for this button somewhere near the handle or the place where you hold this mop. Just one click would allow you to wring out the mop.
  • Adjustable Head: The mop head should be adjustable to allow you to work with it around any corners or even under furniture. This should be just flexibly moving around and not cause any effort on your part. Some give a 360-degree rotation to help you to reach out, and no place goes amiss.
  • Replaceable Pads: The best sponge mops should come with a removable pad. So, after use, you can remove the pad and clean it. Dry it and replace the same before the next use. This convenience is hygienic and hence is a must-have. To remove it, all you have to do would be to loosen the nuts or probably even just pull out the mop pad.

Top Rated Sponge Mops of 2022

1. Scotch-Brite Butterfly Plastic Mop and Refill Combo

If you desire a professional sponge mop, this Scotch-Brite Butterfly plastic mop and refill combo will be ideal. It looks high-end and works the same too! The PVA sponge mop comes with an adjustable handle. This means you can now adjust the length as per your height and convenience. The company has given a lot of foresight to action and created this product.

As you must be aware that a PVA sponge allows for superior water absorption, you can clean a vast area with ease. Do not worry about squeezing the excess water as a unique mechanism allows the same. So, you can easily go hands-free and mop up the floor while also pressing a button to wring the wet mop.

The replaceable refills will work wonders and provide durable cleaning. The PVA sponge is durable and can be a great item for use with cleaning liquids.

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Key Features

  • PVA sponge mop for super cleaning
  • Replaceable refills available
  • No wringing needed
  • Fits any bucket and lasts long


  • Durable mop
  • No need to wring the mop
  • Mechanism to remove excess water
  • Replaceable pads
  • Height adjustable pole


  • Heavy pole for mopping
  • Does not dry the floor

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2. Gala PVA Floor Plastic Sponge Mop

When buying the Gala PVA Floor Plastic Mop, you can rest assured that quality precedes it. So, do not hesitate when you see the Gala sponge mop in the market. You can rely on this special PVA material as it absorbs 10 times more water than its size, and this is saying something! Now your shower stall or bathroom can have a dry floor even after giving your kids or pets a splash.

The product is great to use as it comes with a removable and replaceable blue sponge mop head that will not scratch or cause any mark. Squeeze the water out and manage the mop properly. You can use the mop on all surfaces without using your hands. You can simply go for hands-free wringing and just with a little click on the mechanism.

It’s that easy now to collect the pet hair, sand, dust, or even liquid spills from the floor. There will not even be a drip from that as you pick it up. Such efficiency is only possible when you have a high-grade PVA sponge head.

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Key Features

  • Easy to replace PVA refill
  • PVA refill is better for 5x better water absorption
  • Long pole for the mopping
  • Drain extra water with a simple mechanism


  • Say goodbye to wringing
  • Effortless one-swipe mopping
  • Can dry up the floor faster
  • Replaceable mop heads
  • No need to bend to clean


  • Metal teeth holding sponge rusts soon

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3. ASUVI PVA Sponge Absorber Mop

The search for the ultimate sponge mop online in India comes to a close as you select the ASUVI PVA Sponge Absorber mop. This has an easy-to-clean technology that helps in making your home spotless with the least effort.

This means mopping even a large surface area will not take a lot of time. All you have to do is make use of the Squeezing technology that allows you to click and squeeze the excess water. The extensible aluminum handle comes with a super-absorbent mop head. The controlled and complete squeezing allows for a removable method of cleaning.

It is safe to use on all surfaces. Its replaceable head option allows for hygienic cleansing and drying of the mop head. So, you will not have to worry about it losing its effectiveness any time soon. The material is ideal to use on any surface of your choice. The plastic and aluminum body adds to the grit and the strength you will need to remove stubborn stains from the floor.

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Key Features

  • Squeezing technology
  • A mechanism for removing heads
  • Super absorbent mop pads
  • Plastic and aluminum body
  • Can extend up to 55 inches


  • Durable body with adjustable aluminum handle
  • Can mop any type of floor
  • Clean and dry floor without scratching
  • Intelligent locking after extension


  • The handle is not strong and not easy to fit

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A smart modern user looking for a folding sponge mop will find this FASTUNBOX (LABEL) PVA Mop ideal. This is because it saves space for storing. You need not worry about where to keep this mop and dry.

Use the lever on the pole to pull it to the length you desire. It can be of use by people of varying heights. The high-quality stainless steel means you get non-corrosive and durable use with this tool. The hanging hole on the handle allows you to store it behind doors and not take up space.

The intelligent lock is what we love for its adjustable length. The handle for squeezing out excess water is just perfect. The PVA wide sponge mop is a must-have for residential or industrial purposes now.

This mop stick is ideal for use on all floor types, whether for office or residential or commercial use. The handle length can go from 35” to 45.3”. This is a great range for people of all heights and age groups, from teens to use. The removable pads are easy to replace with screws holding them in place.

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Key Features

  • High-quality PVA mop head
  • Intelligent lock to adjust the height of the pole
  • Stainless steel body promising durability


  • Easy to squeeze out water
  • Effective cleaning and drying of floors
  • Heavy-duty and highly absorbent mop head


  • Sponge not soft and needs effort

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5. FASTUNBOX (LABEL) PVA Sponge Absorber Mop

Those in a rush to clean the home would search sponge mop Amazon and select this FASTUNBOX (LABEL) PVA Sponge Absorber mop. This is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom and can quickly remove water. The time it takes to clear away excess water from the floor is just a fraction of what it would otherwise take you.

So, go for the Squeezing technology just so that you can save that time on mopping to do something more on urgency or importance in life! There will not be a drop of excess water, and that’s also a great way to make the floor safe, especially if you have pets, the elderly, or kids in the house.

To squeeze water, you have to use the switch mechanism. The extensible aluminum handle comes with an easy operation technique. You can use the controlling switch to manage the squeezing well. The removable and replaceable mop pads have screws to remove, and then you can replace them with a new pad. The durable plastic ensures durability even as you use it with wet pads throughout.

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Key Features

  • Length of pole extensible between 35” to 45.3”
  • Ergonomic design with proper grip
  • Deep cleaning microfiber pads
  • Durable stainless steel and plastic body


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Heavy absorbent of dirty grime and water
  • Ideal for tiles, concrete, granite, and marble
  • Easy squeezing


  • Parts do not fit well

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6. Simien Easy to Clean Mop

If your search for the best sponge mop for laminate floorsis continuing even now, check out the Simxen Easy to Clean mop. It has a reusable microfiber floor pad to clean the floor effortlessly. You can even use it on hardwood floors and collect everything from food remains, pet hair, and even grime with one swipe.

The smart technology of pulling the pad up to wring out water and dirt makes it a marvel to possess! It just would need you to pull the lever, and the mop head would turn from horizontal to vertical position, and with the clip-like attachment, the wringing happens smoothly.

The lightweight body and the heavy-duty aluminium allow-handle allows for effective floor cleaning. In addition, the PVA mop head makes water absorption fast and quickly dries the floor. How much water can this mop head absorb? It can absorb ten times its weight, which means you do not have to wring out many times in one-time use.

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Key Features

  • Adjustable height from 40.9 to 50.8 inches
  • Premium quality PVA sponge head
  • Ideal for use on ceramic, glass windows, and more
  • Durable stainless steel body


  • Easy to absorb a lot of water
  • Unscrew to remove the head
  • Squeezing technology is superior


  • Parts of the pole are fragile

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7. Koniry PVA Stainless Steel Telescopic Handle Mop

Has your kid spilt ketchup on the hardwood floor? You need not fear if you have the ideal folding sponge map, the Koniry PVA Stainless steel telescopic handle mop. Such spills may scare the living daylights of people with marble or stone floors as well. They may cause stains that may want to remain on the floor for ages.

Do not let any spill scare you, as the super mop head comes with PVC fiber. This makes it ideal for use in residential properties or commercial properties at the same time. The lightweight and durable stainless steel mop handle helps in using the mop anywhere too. The durability factor also sends a sense of comfort, knowing that your mopping will be done properly.

Also, the stainless steel body prevents any rust from forming though you will be using the mop stick for long. It can reduce scratches and even prevent slipping. The rubber-cotton heads of the pads are more absorbing than other regular ones in the market.

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Key Features

  • Anti-skid body
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Top-quality rubber-cotton mop head
  • Adjustable length
  • Use it only with water for effective use


  • Effective for absorbing a lot of water
  • Easy to squeeze out water
  • Ideal for use on solid wooden floor, tiles, and composite


  • The pole gets rusty soon
  • Does not absorb water effectively

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8. NMZ PVA Sponge Head Telescopic Fast Mop

When you think of using a wide sponge mop, what do you think it should do? You might want to have a look at the NMZ PVA Sponge head telescopic, fast mop. This is by far a great tool for removing grime from any corner. The head has durable fiber, and that makes the product super useful. The PVA material helps in better absorption.

You can use the extensible aluminum handle to work your way and make it reach deep under furniture or in corners where your regular mops can’t reach. Also, the product’s overall appearance and material make it great for use on all floors and across any property size.

What happens after you mop? You may want to squeeze the dirty water out, and to do that, you have to use the easy water squeezing technology. All you have to do is to use it for efficient cleaning and drying.

The mop heads are removable, and so after use, you may remove it and wash it to replace it again and use. This can give your mop head a longer life and use.

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Key Features

  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • PP and EVA materials
  • Intelligent lock to fix the adjusted length
  • Handle available for squeezing


  • PVC mop with unique features and design
  • Takes very little time to use
  • Easy water squeezing mechanism


  • The handle is not strong

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9. KD Zone Floor Cleaning Adjustable Squeeze Mop

When you go for a PVA sponge mop, you want it to be a durable cleaning partner. This is what you can expect from KD Zone Floor Cleaning Adjustable Squeeze Mop. The PVA sponge material is highly effective and can soak up a lot of water at a time. Overall, it can absorb over 12 times its weight and then dry quickly too.

As said, the material is durable and comes with plastic fittings on stainless steel tubes. So, you can use the same for a long time. The overall length is adjustable, and it can measure anything from 35” to 45,3”.

It can work on any floor size. You may use this for cleaning up mess anywhere, whether it is in the industrial area or the commercial kitchen of your restaurant, or even at home.

If you are a tall person, cleaning with the mop will not be a hassle anymore as it comes with a stainless steel and plastic body that is also adjustable. You can adjust the handle length from 35 inches to 45.3 inches. It makes the product easy to reach in deep corners of the home without you bending over.

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Key Features

  • High-quality stainless steel and plastic
  • PVA sponge material
  • Highly absorbent material for soaking water
  • 180-Degree rotatable mop head


  • Can soak up to 12 times its dry weight
  • Can clean walls, windows, laminate floors
  • Easy to squeeze dry


  • Takes time to dry up

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10. OM Creation Floor Cleaning Squeeze Mop

Your search for the best sponge mop for vinyl floors ends here as you pick the OM Creation Floor cleaning squeeze mop. The high-quality stainless steel and durable mop comes with a PVA sponge material with an absorbent mop head. It can soak up the water almost 12 times its dry weight.

It can lift moisture, dust, and grime and keep the floor spotlessly clean. You can even use it to absorb water 12 times its dry weight. This said, you could ensure that even the deepest corners are not too far away, and you can give that corner the best clean-up.

The other highlight is the butterfly squeezing mechanism. This can keep your hands safe, and you will not have to wring out dirty water anymore. Just using the entire length of this pole can go up to 45.3 inches, which is pretty standard is what we would say. It can fit any bucket size and can be put to use even under cabinets or refrigerators.

[amazon box=”B09D3ZRW5M”]

Key Features

  • Durable PVA mop head
  • Rotating mop head for easy reach
  • Easy to replace with clean mop heads


  • Easy to clean and dry the floor
  • Adjustable height for use by all
  • Ideal for wooden floors, vinyl, and hardwood floors


  • The sponge is not of very good quality

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11. Spotzero by Milton Super Absorber Mop

If you have been contemplating checking out the best sponge mop for laminate floors, Spotzero by Milton Super Absorber mop is a great choice. It can absorb water quickly and can even not take much time.

As someone specific about cleaning home floors, this kind of super absorber mops make a lot of difference. It saves time by a simple sweep. That’s not it, you can use it for a whole room and still not worry about it dripping dirty water. The PVA mop head is strong and can absorb a lot of water in one go.

Also, the squeezing technology can help you clean away the mess in very little time. The comfortable grip on the handle will allow you to hold and not make your hands feel tired. Also, it is very easy to click on the button to make it squeeze and remove the dirty water without you using any hands. Keep your manicured hands safe and hygienic as the mop does all the work for you. Simply replace the mop heads by removing them and washing them to replace them later.

[amazon box=”B07JRFXFH6″]

Key Features

  • High-quality materials and PVA sponge
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Comfortable grip to squeeze out dirty water


  • Easy to use and extend the length
  • Easy to squeeze dirty water out
  • Great to use on all floor types


  • Screws get rusty in a few days of use

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FAQs For Best Sponge Mop

How to clean a sponge mop?

You can just put it under running tap water. But it is advisable to unscrew the mop head and remove the PVA sponge. Most of the mop heads can go for machine wash.

Are sponge mops good for hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use sponge mops for hardwood floors. Just do not use a lot of water on the mop heads to clean the floor. Also, check the PVA sponge quality before using it.

How do you use a wring sponge mop?

You will have to press the button on the handle. This will turn the sponge mop head to a vertical position and press it hard on the sides. This would wring out all dirty water from the mop.